Maintaining a Local Dev Meetup

Jacob M. Roufa

About Me

I can't talk about community without talking about my most important community...

Or a community I spend 40+ hours a week with...

Or a community I spend 40+ hours a week with...

Or the community I live in...

Or the community I live in...

But I'm really here to talk about this community!

Meetup organizers everywhere unite!


So... what's a meetup?

For real?

What makes a good meetup though?

Are your users staying engaged?

That's what matters most!

Where do I fit in to all of this?

I dreamed...

I hoped...

I wished...

I grew up.

Too futuristic?

Too unreal?

Utopian ideals are difficult to translate to reality. But it's a good place to start!

I played.

Too low tech?

I learned.


"Open-source development breaks this bind, making it far easier for tester and developer to develop a shared representation communicate effectively about it." - Eric Raymond

Let's talk practically though!

Meetups are...

a wonderful way to learn.

an opportunity to teach.

a chance to become a better version of ourselves.

It's open source IRL!

Meetups for learning?

Meetups for teaching?

Meetups for a better me!

So think about it...

What do you do every day?





Wouldn't you rather talk about it in person?

Our colleagues are our most valuable resource

Personal experience trumps all

Remember how we talked about user engagement?

So what do YOUR users need?


Meetups are about


Sharing interest

Professional Networking and Support

Now that we've qualified a meetup...

How do we run one?

Remember before when I was talking about my co-organizer?

Share the load if you can. Another perspective and set of hands can really help.

Code of conduct


No, this kind of space...


Making your life easier!

Shared calendars/documents

Social media

Email lists (and other related sites)

Keeping it going

Remember to keep focus on your users

Do something different

Pivot if you need to

Use resources at hand



Fellow Meetup Attendees

Regional meetups

I hope I've helped to impart a thing or two about community here, today.

Remember to be of service to your users!

Know that you have complete control of your participation!

Don't be afraid to do something drastically different... the results may surprise you!

Thank you!

Jacob M. Roufa